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Buenos Aires
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The proposal, though risky for the palate, is a complete experience. The dining room is smartly decorated, with a bunch of tables in different floor level that separates them from the rest and faint lights which create a private atmosphere. At the end of the room, you can see the open kitchen. Gonzalo Aramburu, young chef and owner, practices an avant-garde cuisine, combining unsuspected flavors with elegance, in a unique 12 course tasting menu that changes depending on season availability. At Aramburu you can enjoy prawns cooked on one side on refractory clay, forgotten in Oriental ferment and nitrogenous tangerine, or rabbit cooked at 65 degrees during 18 hours, with fresh mushrooms immersed in pine oil, herbs veil, wild flowers and carob powder. For dessert, you can have grilled pineapple with cardamom sugar, lamb juice, clove ice cream and cinnamon, are some of his superb meals. The sommelier service is impeccable and offers very nice wine tasting options and the service is dynamic and professional. It is recommended to get to the restaurant by taxi given the area is not particularly attractive. Chef: Gonzalo Aramburu Payment Method: American Express; Cash; Mastercard; debit cards; Visa Hours: Tuesdays & Saturday nights


Salta 1050, Constitución

+54 (11) 4305 0439
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