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Buenos Aires
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The restaurant is located a few blocks away from Puerto de Frutos, at a boulevard’s corner after which the restaurant is named.

This multi space offers art in all its expressions: paintings from contemporary artists, an old toys collection; even furniture and books gather here to be seasoned by Juliana Lopez May’s exquisite food. The food has the healthy touch that distinguishes Lopez May’s cuisine; prepared with seasonal products, lots of vegetables and all kind of seeds.

The menu is short and is completed with the daily menu.

Boulevard Saenz Peña is open from early hours and offers complete breakfasts, lunches and teas that are served using the decorative furniture that is also for sale.

The restaurant features few tables, so you need to get there early or make a reservation.


Boulevard Sáenz Peña 1400

+54 (11) 5197 4776
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